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2017 Legislative Action Day (L.A.D)


We would love to thank everyone who helped contribute to this year 2017 Legislative Action Day (L.A.D), on March 22, 2017 at the State Capitol. It was a success, despite the rain. Everyone worked hard from sending us donations to making the bouquets and handing them out in the rain.

 We would love to personally thank Marty Epse, who took on this event every year. Without his coordination and patience, it would not have been done.

 Again, THANK YOU.


Flora Fresh Inc.

Floral Resources Sacramento

Golden State Floral

Jessup Transportation

Ponderosa High School

Esparto High School

Cordova High School

Las Plumas High School

Rio Linda High School

Pleasant Grove High School

Winters High School

Elk Grove High School

Delta High School

Pioneer High School

Aspen Enterprises

A&M Flower Growers

Glad-Away Gardens

West Flowers Inc.

Maximum Nursery Inc.

Green Valley Floral Inc.

Myriad Flowers International

Ever- Bloom

Greenwell Floral

Joseph & Sons

Mellano & Company

Hilltop Flowers

Skyline Flower Growers

The Sun Valley Group

Gringo Ventures LLC.

Resendiz Brothers


Coastal Floral

Kitayama Brothers

Eufloria Flowers


Holland America Flowers

Mayeda Cut Flower Company



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