FLORA FRESH INC. we pride ourselves in quality customer service. Our experienced sales staff truly cares about you and your customers. We work very diligently to cover your special orders as well as your daily floral needs. If we are unable to fulfill a portion of your order, you will be notified right away. At that point you can substitute or know that an item was not available before delivery.

COMMON COURTESY is a practice we strive towards everyday. A positive business relationship is what’s it’s all about – gaining your trust and confidence. Give us an opportunity to work together in establishing a lasting business relationship!

VARIETY is something we pride our business on. We carry a wide variety of products and flowers from around the world. If a certain flower you want is off crop in California our experienced buyers have the buying power and connections to get that same flower from anywhere around the world.

HELPING THE ENVIRONMENT is a serious matter, that’s why here at FLORA FRESH we are proud to buy flowers from farms certified by VERIFLORA & FLORVERDE. Why is this important you ask? “sustainability” But what exactly does it mean? Sustainability refers to the ability to “meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” When it comes to consumer products, sustainability addresses a full range of product quality, social responsibility and environmental protection issues. As consumers, when we choose sustainable products, we are sending a strong signal that these issues matter to us.

FLORAVERDE is a unique certification to ensure all flowers grown and harvested in Colombia meet specific social and environmental standards. This program was started ten years ago by a forward looking group of Colombian flower growers to insist on a common level of best practices that would improve the lives and living standards of all floral farm workers and their families. In addition to establishing social benchmarks, Florverde standards preserve and protect the rich soil and natural resources for the industry’s farmers for generations to come and satisfy global demand and desire for high-quality, affordable flowers year round. In 2003, independent verification by SGS Group, a global leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification, was implemented to assure our customers and consumers that these standards were being met.

CATERING TO EVENT PLANNERS is just another service we offer here at FLORA FRESH. Our extensive supply department will save you time and money to allow to focus on what you do best. Please feel free to contact us to speak to one of our friendly sales representatives.

CARE & HANDLING of our flowers is very important to us. We go through extreme measures to ensure that your flowers have the longest life possible. All our flowers are cut underwater using a state of art underwater cutting machine to maximize hydration. We have also installed a water dispensing system in our facility that dispenses water mixed with Floralife fresh flower food. 3 active ingredients that are vital to all flowers are used. Acidifier to adjust the PH of the water, Sugar as an energy source and Stem Unpluggers to help keep the stem’s “plumbing systems” free flowing. We also use ETHLYBLOC. EthylBloc™ is an EPA approved ethylene action inhibitor. It inhibits the negative effects of ethylene which include: premature wilting, leaf yellowing, premature opening, and premature death.

Our customers success reflects our success. No order is ever unimportant, and we will provide only the freshest flowers available and above expectations. FLORA FRESH is never satisfied until our flowers are recognized as the best that can be found.
Our clients are our partners. We share their vision and are dedicated to achieving their goals.
Excellence is the base standard from which we seek to improve. “Good enough” is never good enough for us.


Allan Nishita / Co Owner

Millie Nishita / Co Owner